NA pz.1 & UT pz.1 x 2

SIRE: VC Shooting Starrs Sharp Shooter MH 
DAM: Garbonita's Lexus V. Jaegerhof MH,UT1


WT: 62 lbs   HT: 23"  COAT: Dense/MedHarsh 

02/23/2003     09/30/2015      


:(GOOD)  CERF & CARDIAC:Clear CD:Normal

Timber makes the Top 25 Sire's producing Navhda
Breeder Award Litters

His first litter 2006 with "Terry's Sweet Annie" produced 3 pups that earned a pz.1 NA score.

His 2nd litter 2007 with "VC Garbonita TopGun Hustlen Tango" earned a Navhda NA and UT Breeders Award in 2009 and a Versatile Champion Breeder Award in 2010.

  • Garbonita Sir Henry V. Hustler "Henry" UT 1

  • VC Garbonita Augustine Edelweiss MH "Augie"  UT 1

  • VC Garbonita Weissbier Eckhard "Ace" UT 1

    VC Garbonita Urbock Essay MH "
    Josie" UT 1

His 3rd litter 2008 with "Tango" produced an NA and UT Breeder Award and another Navhda VC Breeder Award in 2011

VC Garbonita Bonanza "Ben" UT 1

Garbonita Valley of Fire "Aspen" UT 1

Garbonita True Grit "Jake" UT II

VC Garbonita Lonesome Dove MH
"Morgan" UT 1

His 4th litter 2011 with "VC Great Oak's Ricochet" produced a Navhda NA Breeder Award with three pz.1 and a pz.III

Timber is from a NAVHDA NA & UT Breeders Award litter.
He is the Sire of 3 NA, 2 UT and 2 VC Breeder Award Litters

He is a natural backer like his sire and dam


Our Boys

Hudson Timber Henry Porter

Our Girls

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