VC Garbonita Lonesome Dove MH
Navhda NA/UT pz. 1

Sire: Garbonita Bugatti MH, NA & UTpz.1
Dam: VC Garbonita TopGun Hustlen Tango NA & UTpz.1

:09/23/2008  COAT:Dense/Harsh

CD:Normal By Parentage

Morgan is from a Navhda NA,UT and VC Breeder Award litter.
Three of her littermates earned a Navhda UT pz.1 and one has earned their VC Title.

Watch for Morgan at the 2012 Navhda Invitational

Morgan is a natural backer like her Sire and Dam

OWNED and Trained BY:

Alan Burkhart


Our Boys

Hudson Timber Henry Porter

Our Girls

Lexus Tango Piper Diamond Epic Sadie Bliss Sedona Dancer Raven Bella



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